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Laws and regulations regarding surrogacy vary significantly across different countries. For instance, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia permit surrogacy but often have stringent regulations governing the procedure. Conversely, in countries like France and Germany, surrogacy is either prohibited or heavily regulated.

It is essential to meticulously research the laws and regulations in the country where you are contemplating surrogacy before taking any steps. Additionally, it is wise to partner with experienced professionals like surrogacy law attorneys and fertility clinics to ensure that the surrogacy journey is undertaken within legal and ethical bounds.

These are just some of the many reasons to contact the Law Offices of Lei, APC, in Irvine, California. Our firm is primarily focused on assisted reproductive technology (ART) law and all related legal matters. Whether you need a surrogacy attorney, an adoption attorney or a parental rights attorney, our team has the knowledge, skills and experience you are looking for.

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Surrogacy And Parental Rights In The United States

In the U.S., the intended parents in a surrogacy arrangement are typically recognized as the legal parents of the child, and the surrogate does not retain any legal rights or responsibilities regarding the child. However, it is critical to note that surrogacy and parental rights laws can differ among states.

In certain states, surrogacy agreements are binding, necessitating that all parties involved create and sign an agreement before commencing the surrogacy procedure. These agreements generally encompass the rights, responsibilities and financial terms agreed upon between the surrogate and the intended parents. In contrast, some states may not recognize surrogacy agreements as enforceable. In such scenarios, the surrogate might need to undergo a legal procedure, like adoption, to transfer parental rights to the intended parents.

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Our attorneys are licensed to practice in California, New York and Oregon. We also collaborate with a network of attorneys in other states and countries who can help us serve clients by providing local legal support. Our parental rights attorneys are ready to provide advice, representation and services related to:

  • Egg, sperm and embryo donations
  • Securing documents for newborns and facilitating the immigration process for infants
  • U.S. and international adoptions
  • Obtaining parental rights orders from courts in a client’s home state or country

As a full-service law firm, we are committed to guiding you through the intricate legal landscape, helping you make informed decisions and ensuring a legally sound and ethical surrogacy and/or adoption process.

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