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Egg donation is permissible in the United States, yet the laws regulating this procedure can vary widely from state to state. Our assisted reproductive technology (ART) attorneys at the Law Offices of Lei, APC, in Irvine, California, can help you understand the complexities involved and make smart decisions that protect your best interests. Here are some important considerations when contemplating egg donation within the United States:

Compensation: While a majority of states sanction the compensation of egg donors for their involvement and dedication, the remuneration scales are often under the purview of state legislators. Some states impose caps on the monetary compensations egg donors can receive, whereas other states refrain from such limitations.

Anonymous vs. known donations: Egg donors possess the discretion to opt for anonymity, ensuring non-disclosure of their identity to the beneficiaries. Conversely, egg donors may choose to reveal their identity. The legal landscape with regard to anonymous and known egg donations varies state to state.

Legal rights and obligations: Generally, egg donors relinquish any legal claims and obligations toward the offspring conceived through donation, paving the way for the intended parents to assume full legal parentage. However, the legal landscape pertaining to parental claims and responsibilities in the context of egg donation also diverges across states.

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How Our Egg Donation Lawyers Can Assist You

Our reproductive law attorneys utilize an in-depth knowledge of egg donation law. We provide legal services and representation related to:

  • Egg donation agreements: Drafting and reviewing the embryo donation contract (also called the egg donation agreement)
  • Legal clearance: Issuing legal clearance letters and notifying the involved IVF clinics and agencies
  • Fund management: Managing compensation payments for egg donation via escrow accounts
  • Legal assistance: Providing any necessary legal assistance to protect your egg donation

Egg donation is just one aspect of assisted reproductive technology law, which also encompasses parental rights law, surrogacy law, sperm donation law and more. Our egg donation law attorneys are ready to advise you on all legal matters your case may entail, and we work tirelessly to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

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