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Wenney Chang

Legal Assistant

Wenney is a distinguished legal professional with a Master’s degree from the prestigious University of Southern California School of Law. Her journey in the legal domain commenced with a role as a paralegal at Dentons in Beijing, which she embraced for a year.

Subsequently, she transitioned into a pivotal role as a Conflict Resolution Specialist at the Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Center. Here, she demonstrated her adeptness in assisting a multitude of Chinese individuals in the United States to successfully navigate family and rental disputes. Her realm of expertise is diverse, encompassing investment, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, and construction law.

Wenney currently holds the esteemed position of Law Assistant at the Law Office of Lei, APC. With unwavering dedication, she looks forward to leveraging her expertise to empower clients in championing their best interests.


  • Bachelor’s degree: Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Master’s degree: University of Southern California School of Law