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Nature vs. Technology: Weighing Natural Conception Against Assisted Reproductive Technologies

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Reproductive Law

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) V. Natural Conception

With technological advancements, Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) have brought hope to countless families. Yet, many still opt for natural conception. Here are some key points comparing the two:

1. Success Rates

  • Natural Conception: The success rate of natural conception depends on various factors like age, health, etc. As age increases, chances of conception might decrease.
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies: The success rates using ART are typically higher, especially for couples who face challenges conceiving naturally due to medical reasons.

2. Cost

  • Natural Conception: The cost associated with natural conception is generally lower.
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies: ART, especially IVF, can involve significant medical expenses.

3. Time and Process

  • Natural Conception: The process of conception and pregnancy can be unpredictable and uncontrollable.
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies: It usually involves a series of pre-determined steps and timelines.

4. Health Risks

  • Natural Conception: Risks associated with natural conception are usually lower.
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Certain ART procedures might involve hormonal treatments or surgeries, which can carry additional health risks.

5. Possibility of Multiple Births

  • Natural Conception: Chances of multiple births are typically lower.
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Using ART, especially IVF, might increase the chances of multiple births.


The decision between natural conception and assisted reproductive technologies depends on an individual’s or a couple’s specific situation. Considering factors like cost, health, age, and others, each family should engage in thorough research and consultation to determine the method most suitable for them.